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An update from Forestway

By January 25, 2013December 30th, 2013News

Hello guys,just an update on what has been happening at Camp Forest Way!We had an amazing and worthwhile camp with Stirling Primary School prefects,it was all tears when they left FW some few days ago and we witnessed the awesome hand of the Lord working on each camper.The love we shared,the chocolates and jokes,the games and dynamics we tackled ignited a fire within each one of us and we are so grateful to God for such an exciting and life transforming camp.Currently,we are doing them things with Dordretch High School prefects and things are going crazily fantabulous and we are looking forward to a Teams & Leaders talk and dynamic this evening.We always stretch our hands up in awe of the Lord for He is doing great things for us. A lot is coming up this year at FW and we ask you to be part of it,not for our benefit but for the enhancement of His kingdom and for His glory!